The Majestic Snow Leopards in The Himalayas

Travel Experience of a Lifetime!

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? An experience so epic you’ll be talking about it for years to come– along with many amazing photos of majestic, endangered snow leopards to share on Instagram and other social media. The ASA Group delivers extraordinary luxury vacations for their VIP clients– you and your family and friends will enjoy a customised experience that cannot be replicated. Currently we have availability to send clients up to the Himalayas to view these majestic, endangered cats before the end of March 2018, but contact us asap as spots are limited. If interested please email John at for detailed Himalayan Snow Leopards itineraries. Here’s part of what you can expect to experience, along with a few snow leopard facts for your enjoyment:

  • In the Himalayas, snow leopards live in high alpine areas, mostly above the tree line and up to 18,000 feet in elevation. There is some moderate uphill hiking, so be prepared for an active holiday!
  • Snow leopards have thick grey and yellow fur, with solid spots on their head, neck and lower limbs and rosettes (large rings) over the rest of their body. Snow leopards also have very long, thick tails that they use for balancing on rocks and protection from the cold. They are also very agile, and can jump as much as 50 feet in length.
  • The best period for viewing and photographing these endangered cats is from the end of November to early April. This is why it’s important to connect with us now– if we run out of openings the next trip won’t be till November 2018!
  • We will be exploring the Ladakh region, which is a high altitude cold desert. In addition to the snow leopard you can may also see (and photograph) bharal (blue sheep), ibex, marmots, wolves, foxes and wild dogs. This once-in-a-lifetime experience can be done as a photography master class, or snow leopard tracking experience!
  • Did you know? Snow leopards are known as the “ghost of the mountains”, this is because of their solitary and elusive nature. It is very rare to see two snow leopards together.
  • The snow leopard is listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), due to a 20% decline in population over the last 16 years. There are an estimated 4,080-6,590 snow leopards left in the wild.

So grab your camera and contact John today (email to book your VIP Himalayan Snow Leopard experience! If you have a different travel experience in mind, we’d also be happy to give you a no-cost consultation and quote to make your dream trip a reality. Simply contact us here to enquire.

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